14 June 2011

the perfect guy or a great man?

Define perfect. Perfect : conforming absolutely to the description or definition of an ideal type.

Definisi sempurna. Sempurna : tidak ada cacat celanya (kekurangannya; lengkap;baik lagi teratur)

okay, to tell you all what perfect is, boleh refer ↑ okay. haha.

somebody asked me, what makes a great guy? great man? Generally, a great man is the one who can take care of himself, take good care of his parents, his family, reliable and of course the one who can be trusted. If a girl sees these traits in a man, she'll adore him for sure. Girls wants to be cared, wants to be loved and if a guy could take care of everything, there's no doubt that the man can take care of the girl as well. 

But what makes a PERFECT guy? I mean, take this as an example, yeah he possesses everything in this world, but then he never gets the one he loved, is that perfect? okay, another one, he has good looks, good income, but too bad he's a player. come on, there's nothing perfect in this world. Wake up baby! he may be perfect to your eyes, but he ain't in others. Still he ain't perfect.

Reality check girls, don't run after the PERFECT one, but look for a GREAT man. The one who can look after you, and imagine if you're with a perfect guy, what would it be? Adore him, but love the one who can love you as much.

Love is subjective. Love is blind.
Don't hurt yourself because of love coz it supposed to bring happiness into one's life ☺

what do you think? please tell me.